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We work with clients from 10 till 17 every weekday, and we would like to ask for you to call us and arrange a meeting with one of our consultants so he could point you to a specific product or service. This way we will save both yours and our time, eliminating the possibility to offer you something that doesn’t meet your requirements and increasing the chances of us offering you exactly what you want.


In essence the difference lies in the website’s functionality.

Basic website

includes the following functionality in few pages, a brief description about you, your contact information, and a gallery/ pictures. It’s suitable for:

  • Introduction of a small or starting business
  • Seldom popularization of a single product or package of products/services. In this case the main advantage is, that we put an accent on this particular product or service (we emphasize on it)
  • Personalized introduction on the internet for bloggers or freelancers – e.g. people that rely on their personal popularity, their personal knowledge and skills, on their personal authority when describing themselves and making their image on the internet.

Who is the basic website not suited for?

The basic website is not recommended for internet stores, or businesses that need dynamics in their representation, or businesses that need attaching to a lot of application to the website such as:

  • Order tracking
  • Product catalogue with the ability to purchase and order through the internet (e-cart)
  • CRM implementation
  • Attaching other extras such as online games, calculators, and the likes.

Business website

It’s functionalities include introduction of your business with at least few dynamic modules. To them we can generate few data bases, including establishing a link to CRM systems. The site may include the options to add different classes of users – normal users, moderators, administrators that can have different levels of access and rights. You can include statistics for the attendance and the sources. There are more advanced options for the gallery by which we mean, that you can add descriptions to the photos in the gallery, which gives more information to the users, improves the quality of your SEO, and in turn your search engine ranking.


In essence is a platform for trading on the internet. The main goal of this platform is online sales. There are some distinct features here:

  • Suffice to say that this trade may include other people’s credit card information and because of that all the security measures must be top notch. In turn that requires exceptionally good administration and website support.
  • Second the gallery must support the feature to send the products chosen by the users to their shopping cart
  • Its desirable that after the order the user can track its movement – this is the so called tracking module, that requires your website to be connected to a shipping company, which gives coordinates to this module and it shows the user where his order is located. Usually this would make the building of your website substantially more expensive.

Custom website

This platform gives the user the opportunity to choose for them self what applications and modules are needed for his business. Any application can already exist and just needs to be integrate a suitable version on the website. Some examples are:

  • Calculators
  • Online dictionaries
  • Integrated map with the ability to show routes
  • The ability to integrate user forum
  • Custom gallery, that except the standard features includes advanced ones for example to one base product to be able to add different extras and the calculation of the product’s price and the added extras to be done automatically or for the product to be show different formats such as color gamut, dimensions, items in stock and others.

Usually as stated in the previous thread, every website has its own functionality, that consist of defined elements and those elements make up the price. When you choose a module or application that goes outside your offered package the value of that module is added to your order. This is normal because in the first place the element that you want has to come from somewhere. Even if you have stopped your attention on an element that is freely available on the internet, its implementation and setup in the structure of the website takes work and testing hours for our programmers. And their work as any other is paid.

If this element is not free, it’s value is fair to be added to the price of your order.

When a website is being developed, its build includes already defined elements that make up its price. To add another language, a duplicator module is used, which only copies the functionality connections of your website. All texts, images, buttons, and the likes are additionally translated to the given language. This in turn requires more work from our programmers that need to setup the duplication form. In addition to that for the translation of the texts, so they sound good and correct, we contact for help licensed translators, who know the language that you choose very well. Their work is paid extra, as the price is formed by the number of texts and their length, by their complexity and the time that the work has to be finished.

About the texts

Every text that is put on your website has to meet few criteria. First and foremost it has to be directly connected with your business and to convey the correct message to the user. Nobody knows your business better than you do. Exactly this is the reason that text, which are distributed on different pages, modules, products, etc. on your website are your responsibility.

Other than that texts should be adequate and relevant to your marketing strategy, to your sales policies etc.

In case that you want to subcontract the order for writing the texts for your website to an third party specialist, then that is considered extra service and has to be negotiated.

About the pictures

The question with the pictures is the similar to the one about the texts. Every picture has to meet some criteria.

  • To have defined dimensions
  • To convey enough adequate information about the product or the service
  • To not infringe on others copyrights
  • And last but not least to look good

In case you supply the pictures they will be selected and edited by our designer, so they meet the criteria above. In case you don’t supply the pictures the can be done by a photographer. This photographer is an outside associate and arrangements with him have to be negotiated. You can choose them yourself or can contact our team for help and we will recommend you one of our partners. You will choose the specialist whose work, methods and price best suit you.

Our team of programmers can finish a given job in a given time frame, but let us not forget that building a website is a creative process.

After the functionality is build and connected, the website needs graphical arrangement, which in turn is collaboration between the client and our designer, which has to graphically represent the client’s visions and ideas. This includes choosing the right fonts, arranging pictures and texts in already done modules and menus and deciding on their dimensions, choosing a color scheme, to achieve maximum effect on the user, but also have an overall good impression and so on.

And let us not forget one important moment, we can start our work after you provide the needed information and materials for that. Also keep in mind, that at a finished stage (if our agreement is to submit our work as finished stages), we can continue work only after you accept what was submitted till now.

Because the building of a website (as we stated) is a creative process, it sometimes inspires the creativity of the clients and a lot of times during the work process they change their visions and in turn their requirements. And frequently it requires improvements and redoes on already done work. The technical time frame for finishing your order in turn in lengthens with the technical time frame we need to finish the improvements and redoes.

Building a website is a creative process. Frequently placing an order the client misses some details on their vision and the sites functionality when. Also frequently during the work process the client adds to and builds upon their idea with lots of details, such as layout, number of menus, menu functions, additional features and much more. This way something that is done right and setup to work has to be deleted and in its place something new has to be build or something already built has to be edited or improved in some way (for example an online store with Easy Pay application has to be changed with a PayPal application because the client decided that they want to sale online goods not only in Bulgaria but also abroad. Another relevant example is already formatted, mounted and ready pictures where a happy team is smiling to the client have to be changed to neutral pictures for example from the product line of the client. This means the new pictures have to be formatted again, to be cleared, their contrast ratios to be set and to be put in the place of the old pictures.